iPhone 4 Bumper

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jun 25, 2010 in Apple, iPhone |

Same as most people who were fortune enough to get their hands on a iPhone 4 on release day, I ordered a bumper case too. Now grated, this is essentially £25 for a bit of rubber that surrounds the iPhone, but it really works.

The bumper itself is rubber on the front and back, with hard plastic in the middle. When fitted, it lifts the iPhone about a millimeter from the desk, stopping it from getting scratched. It also gives additional protection on the corners and sides.

Once fitted, it looks like it belongs, each cutout is perfect for the mics, speakers, buttons and dock. I have however noticed that unless your using an official Apple cable, it won’t fit in the slot. I’m picking up a dock connecter at the weekend, so will let you know if it fits or not.

I say again….there are £25 for a bit of rubber, but as I’ve spent £600 on a phone, £25 is nothing to keep it protected.

Pictures below

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