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Airport Extreme 2013

Having recently moved house, I found my previous solution of a Time Capsule and an AirPort Extreme to extend the wireless network was no longer good enough in the new house. This is partly due to the fact that I’m now living in a 1961 house with very thick walls, and partly down to the Time Capsule location.

Previously the Time Capsule was in the same room as all the tech, and on the 2nd floor, with the AirPort Extreme hard wired in the front room extending the wireless network and giving a very good coverage. In the new house, I have a dedicated server room (aka pantry, broom cupboad, the cupboard under the stairs) and even with the Airport Exteme in the Man Cave, the wifi connection was ok at best. I guess with moving from my previous 30MB connection to my now superfast 152MB connection, the difference between wired and wireless connection became a lot more noticable.

Having just ordered an iPhone 6S, I decided it was time to finally upgrade the router to an AC router, to get the benifits of the faster wifi speed and increased range. Being the Apple fan boy I am, it made sense to simply upgrade to the new version of the Airport Extreme.

Apple being Apple made the transistion between the two extrememly painless. I plugged the Airport Extreme into the switch, the Airport Utility popped open on my iMac, and a prompt popped up saying new device detected, what do you want to do. Within a few minutes, my new Airport Extreme had all the DHCP, and routing settings of my Time Capsule, and was happily working as my main router. As part of the process, it switched off all the DHCP settings on the Time Capsule, I assume to avoid any DHCP conflict. It did also give me the option to extend the network of the new Airport Extreme device, however with them sat next to each other, it seemed kind of pointless.

So, was it worth the upgrade? Yes, sure, kind of. Although I did notice a massive speed increase on any wireless AC device, the range didn’t increase as much as I’d have hoped. With the single device (as the wifi on the Time Capsule and old Airport Extreme are now switched off), I am able to get a decent signal throughout the house, and within about a five metre range around the house, which for a single device, locked in a room, in the middle of a thick walled house isn’t too bad at all.

As always, unboxing pics below


Apple Airport Extreme (2013 model)Apple Airport Extreme (2013 model)
Apple Airport Extreme (2013 model)Apple Airport Extreme (2013 model)
Apple Airport Extreme (2013 model)Apple Airport Extreme (2013 model)

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