L2/R2 Button grip cover for PCH-1000 Vita

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Like most, I’ve had a Vita since day one, however for the last year or so, it’s just sat there gathering dust. This is not due to lack of content (trust me, I’ve got loads of games to play on it), I’ve always found the rear touch pad a little cumbersome. I guess when Sony designed the Vita, this was deemed as groundbreaking, “a touch screen on the front and rear, amazing! This will sell!”. However in practice, it turned out to be quite distracting, and fiddly most of the time. About a year ago, I started looking for a solution and found a case had been made of the PCH-2000 model (the second generation model), which added L2/R2 buttons, and mapped these to the rear touch pad, giving player that control they’d been longing for. I, being an early adapter on the Vita lucked out, as the case wouldn’t work on my model….that was until very recently. A couple of weeks ago, I was having a quick look on play-asia, as somebody had linked to them on HUKD about some other cheap deal they had. To my delight, I noticed they had released a case for the gen 1 vita! Huzzah!

Product including shipping worked out to be around £42 (thanks to the current exchange rate), but thought, why the hell not. A few days later, it arrive and I finally got to play with it.

First thing to note is this really does had quite a lot of bulk to the Vita, however in a good way. Once clamped in, you feel like your holding a solid controller in your hand. The L2/R2 buttons feel solid, if not a little stiff to start with, however you quickly get used to have they feel.

So, demo time. First thing I fired up was Borderlands 2 on the Vita, as I remembered that you could remap the buttons. Sure enough, after a little tweaking, I’d moved the aim and fire to the L2/R2 buttons give the game a whole new lease of life!. I then tried a little remote play, as let’s be honest, this is all most people use their Vita’s for now. I tried a handful of games, some would let me re-map, some wouldn’t, however any controls that previously used the rear touch pad became a lot more accessible. I then decided to give a PSOne game a go. Now the cool thing about these are, you can hold down the PS button and customise the L1/L2/L3 and R1/R2/R3 buttons. A little bit of tweaking, and I’d replicated the PSOne experience, on my Vita! I did also try a handful of other Vita game, however if they didn’t already use the rear touchpad, or give the option to remap, I didn’t get any use our of the case.

Now just a word of caution before ordering. I got stung with an additional £20 bill for import tax. Well, I say that, £8 import tax, and £12 admin fee! (thanks FedEx), taking the price closer to £60. However, the only thing stopping you giving your Vita some love, is the lack of L2/R2 buttons, £60 might not be that much to kick some life back into the Vita.

L2/R2 Button grip cover for PCH-1000 Vita

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