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So who am I, and what do I do.

Well, my real world name is Darren Wright, I’m currently 36, live in Rugby in the Midlands and live with my beautiful other half, Christina (I shall be referring to her as C, usually, however ….;))

I have many online handles, UB3RG33K, BassJunkie, D5120 to name just a few. I currently have 1 or more of all the gaming consoles, as I love to game, even got one of the little portable Sega Master System things.

Basically, I’m a jack of all trades, I’ve been interested in computers since the ripe old age of 8, where a spent the majority of my childhood sat punching in many lines of code from a computer magazine, just to get a bird made from ASCII characters to fly across the screen on my Commodore Vic-20. I then took the natural steps to Commodore C64, Amstrad CPC-464 and the Speccy ZX-81, +2 and +3. Way back in the early 90’s, I got my hands on a green screen IBM 286, a copy of DOS 3.3 on 5 ¼ inch disks and went from there. Alot has changed since those days, machines are slightly faster, and a lot less stable….thank you Microsoft !

My day job does consist of computers, many, many different computer, and many different platforms. I work on anything from Windows to the AS/400 platform, with all the many flavours of UNIX in between.

As for my hobbies….while I’m not working, sleeping, eating, drinking or gaming, I’m usually designing websites, designing in Photoshop or my new found love for 3D Studio Max. I’ve got a handful of websites under my belt, mainly for family and friend, however I’d done a few “professional” sites.

I / we, (myself and my partner in crime Tony Lunn), have worked on a few project together, machinima and podcasts, and recently decided to create an umbrella company name to house all the projects, the company name is Fictionshed.

Finally, tech, I LOOOVVVEEE tech, and have to have the latest toys and gadgets. My purchases in 2008 were as follows (please note, I’ve only listed the big ones :))

1 x Sony Bravia 40″ LCD (for the bedroom)
1 x Samsung Series 5 52″ LCD (for the front room)
2 x PS3’s (one for the bedroom, one for downstairs)
2 x Samsung Sky HD boxes (one for the bedroom, one for downstairs)
2 x Onkyo SR606 True HD Amps (again, one for downstairs, one for the bedroom)
1 x Acer Aspire Easystore 2TB Network raid drive, with media server
1 x XBOX 360 Elite
1 x Halo Reach Limited Edition XBOX 360 Elite
1 x Phillips DVP5980 Upscaling DVD player
1 x Toshiba XDE Upscaling DVD Player
1 x iPhone 4
2 x 27″ i5 iMacs
1 x Mac Mini
2 x 15.4″ MacBook Pros

Apparently I have more money than sense, which is probably true, but please don’t think I’m rich !, just little sense, and a need for need for new shiny things.

Well that’s about it, anything else you want you know, please feel free to ask.



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