New NovoCast and FictionCast Released

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Feb 25, 2009 in Fictionshed

Busy Couple of nights, Fictionshed Podcast (Fictioncast) Number 4, and Novo Babylonia Podcast (Novocast) Number 4 have now been release.

Head over to www.fictionshed.com for the Itunes and RSS links.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Feb 22, 2009 in Fictionshed

Instead of spending the evening playing Street Fighter 4, I decided to start on a Fictionshed advertising campaign.

For anybody that’s not aware, I’m part owner of the Fictionshed company, we’re responsible for a number of machinima/ audio drama podcasts / youtube feeds.

We’ve been running for about 2 years now, but we’re recently take a few new members onboard, and the projects are finally starting to gain momentum. This being the case, I though it was about time I started to get the word out.

I’ve used twitter myself for about 3/4 months (please note: this was before it gained it’s recent popularity, and it seems every man and his dog is using it now….oh well). However, I have noticed that a lot of companies are using Twitter to feed “followers” with information about, their products, updates, etc, so decided this would be one of the vehicles I would use to get the word out. I’ve used the “Twitter Tool” addon for wordpress, so each Fictionshed announcement (blog post) will be broadcast on Twitter with a direct link.

The 2nd method, I decided to use MySpace, because let’s be honest, MySpace isn’t what it used to be, it a “Hi, I’m in a band, please listen to me”, or just pure advertising…so works kinda well.

The 3rd Method, is Facebook. I didn’t want to goto the effort of creating a Fictionshed member, then fill in all the details, etc, so decided to create a Fictionshed group.

Assuming we get more traffic from the above, I’ve changed the theme to kanata which I though was pretty cool, and also added the Page to Link addon, which has allowed me to give a more visual way of adding the forum link, which should in theory push more traffic through the forum.

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Novo Babylonia Episode 5 released

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Feb 18, 2009 in Fictionshed

Novo Babylonia Epsiode 5 “Corpus Ex Lumina” has now been released.

More information can be found on the fictionshed site.

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