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Posted by Ub3rG33k on Sep 21, 2012 in Apple, iPhone, Tech

Having been able to resist the iPhone 4S last year, I decided to take the plunge and get the iPhone 5. It seems Apple are releasing a ‘major design change’ version every 2 years, and just a tweaked version with only minor speed bumps and features, e.g….faster chip…Siri on the years in between.

Now I know by now you’re sick of reading blogs about to iPhone 5, so I’ll try and keep this more focused on my personal feeling on upgrading from an iPhone 4.

The most noticeable new feature is the screen, now I know they’ve only stretched it 1/2 inch, but that makes a huge difference. For example you now get an extra row of apps/folders on the home screen, as well as an extra 4 apps in each folder. Additionally with the like of the weather app, it utilises this extra screen by displaying an hour by hour forecast, as well as keeping the 5 day forecast. At the moment, there are very few apps that utilise the full screen size, and you do get a black border at the top and the bottom, however with having a black iPhone, you don’t notice it.

The next thing I noticed is how snappy it is, I upgraded the iPhone 4 to iOS6 the other night, and although it didn’t really slow the phone down, it didn’t feel that smooth. I’ve nearly reached my limit of songs on iTunes Match, and the iPhone 4 took a good 30 seconds to refresh my albums when I went into the music app….iPhone 5…instant! I noticed a similar experience with the Podcast App too. I let it sync with iCloud, and within seconds it had populated the app with all my podcast I subscribe too. I know I’ve jumped up 2 processors (the A4 to the A6), but using the apps that I’ve used for the last 2 years feel a hell of a lot snappier.

The design…I love it, the black outer trim, the non glass back, the speaker ports on the bottom…it looks pretty awesome, almost stealthy looking. I’ve currently got the 2 phones sat on the desk in front of me, and the thought that keeps coming to mine is the Robocop remake (weird I know), the iPhone 4 feels like the old Robocop that we know and love, the new one feels like the Remake…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it, but the phone is noticeably thinner and lighter too. I know these fact are already in all of the tech blogs you’ve already read, but they are quite noticeable.

I guess one of the features I’ve been looking forward to playing with in Siri, with only having an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2, I’ve not been able to use this feature. After playing with it for a couple of hours, I conclusion is….it’s ok. I think doing simple stuff like opening an app, booking an appointment, or anything that is on the phone should work ok, however ask it something simple like ‘What’s time is the next train from Rugby to London’, it just gets far too confused. I’m not sure if I’m not asking the questions in the correct word order, or it’s just not too smart in the UK, but it was attempting to search for events on the internet, and even thought I was asking about Rome at one point.

The camera has had an upgrade, and after a quick play, it looks like a huge improvement over the iPhone 4 camera, but I’ll have a proper play with it over the weekend and post these up later. I’m interested myself to see how the 1080 video records, as well as the new Panorama feature works.

I think the final thing to note is the new dock connector…it’s tiny! I bet it’s about a fifth of the size on the previous connector. This does mean that the 4 docks in my house are now useless…well, that’s unless I pay £25 each for the adapters.

All in all, it’s an iPhone, does what my iPhone 4 did, only a little quicker, with some additional features to play with, and hopefully it’ll keep me going until the iPhone 6 is released in 2 years time.

Below, you’ll find the unboxing pics.

p.s. this is the first time the iPhone 4 has been out of it’s bumper since I’ve got it, surprising how marked it’s got while being ‘protected’

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Philips Fidelio DS3020/05

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Aug 6, 2011 in Apple, Application, iPhone, IPod Touch, Tech

I’ve been looking for some kind of portable iPhone dock for a while now. I currently have the ability to charge my phone in most rooms either by docking it in an alarm clock, or in the front of a TV, or just by putting it in the dock connected to my mac. The only problem with the ones I have is, a, they aren’t portable, and b, the sound quality isn’t that great.

So….I was in Currys last night at this one caught my eye, as it had a sticker on the box saying “iPhone 4 Bumper compatible”. All the docks in my house currently don’t have any of the dock adapters in them, as this is the only way I can sync/charge my phone without having to take it out of the bumper cover. As you can imagine, seeing a device which catered for this was a massive win !.

Another major selling point for this, was it can be also powered from 4 AA batteries, making it something I’ll be able to take camping, or even just to take out in the garden.

So..what’s it like ?….well it’s surprisingly good, it does claim to have “Crystal clear sound” and that it does, even with the volume cranked right up, it doesn’t distort at all. The design itself is nice, the plus and minus buttons light up on the front in a pretty cool orange, when you doc your device, and there’s a on/off button at the top on the back.

As well as being an iPhone dock, it’s also got an AUX-in at the back to allow you to plug in external devices via a 3.5mm jack plug.

There is also the ability to have this as a dock connector for your PC/Mac as there is a USB cable connector in the back.

I think the final thing to note is the free App you get with it called Fidelio. Now you can use your normal media player on your iPod/iPhone, or you can use their application which gives you a few cools features. It seems to aggregate a few apps I already have, for example Tune-in Radio (a radio app) and AccuWeather (a weather app) and brings them all together into a nice little packaged.

All in all a decent piece of kit, I don’t currently know how long 4 AA’s will last, but will update the post once I’ve tried it.

As always, unboxing pics, and screenshots of the app below.



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Apple TV 2 ? Apples Games Console ?

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Sep 30, 2010 in Apple, Brain Dump, iPhone, IPod Touch, Tech

At present, I’m awaiting delivery of my Apple TV (ETA Monday 4th October 2010).

I was thinking last night of the future of the Apple TV, and how this is could be a lot more than a TV, and might be Apples version of a Games Console.

Why you may ask ?

  • Ok, I’ve read on multiple blogs, that the device runs on a version of iOS 4.1, there should be no reason why games designed for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad shouldn’t be able to run on it.
  • Introduction of the Game Center, which is a cross device “Social Gaming platform”. Currently this only works on the iPod Touch and iPhone, but see no reason that this can’t also work on the Apple TV.
  • Rumours of a Apple TV App store, this would make it possible to download and buy your favorite games you have on your current devices, and play them on the big screen
  • The Apple TV has an internal 8Gb memory, don’t you think this is a little large just to host the Apple TV Front Row software. With the new Apple TV, all the media content is streaming only ?
  • The Apple TV has the A4 chip, and 256Mb of Ram, making it the same spec as the iPad
  • Epic Citedel. This demo looked amazing, it’s being pitched a online multiplayer experience, Could this be a launch title when the Game Center is switched on ?
  • iOS 4.2 was announced last month, this would finally bring multitasking to the iPad, over the air printing etc, I do wonder though, could these features also be coming to the Apple TV ?. I did also note, that during the keynotes on the 1st September 2010. The Apple TV was mentioned, but the only focus was on the size and price of the device, the software wasn’t touched on at all ?
  • I would assume that the controller for the Apple TV, would be any iThingy device, eg iPod Touch,  iPhone or iPad, and possibly work together like Nintendo attempted with the DS and Wii. If so, the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G would make an awesome motion controller with the gyroscope

Anyway, these are all purely speculations, however there’s a lot of power in that little device, and it would be a shame if Apple didn’t do more with it that “just stream media”. If I’m right, I expect another Apple press conference some time before the launch of iOS4.2 in November

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