Official Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Oct 28, 2014 in Microsoft, Tech, Xbox One

Official Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

As I was an early adopter of the HD TV, I currently have a huge 52″ 60Hz TV sat in the corner of my room, with a Standard Definition built in digital tuner. As I rarely watch live TV (as I tend to mostly steaming content), I’ve never been able to justify the upgrade to a TV with Freeview HD built in. I’ve looked at various PVR solutions, but again for the few occasions I want to watch a live channel in HD, it was hard to justify the price tag.

Then Microsoft announced the HD Freeview digital tuner at just over £20….I was sold.

As you may or may not know, the Xbox One allows you to plug in any HDMI device into the back as a pass-through, giving you the option to watch TV via the Xbox one, and access to the interactive One Guide (TV Guide) and allowing you to control your TV via voice commands. The Digital TV tuner doesn’t require a PVR/Skybox/Virgin Box to do this, and by simply plugging in an aerial cable into one end, and the other into the rear USB port, your Xbox One becomes a Freeview HD TV Tuner.

Setup was a breeze, plug in the device, goto Setting > One Guide and the TV Tuner is recognised as a USB device, go through the four setup pages and you’re up and running, I now have 122 channels streaming through my Xbox One.

Controlling the TV tuner is simple, either control by voice, control via your SmartGlass app on your device of choice, or use your controller of the Xbox Remote to flick through the One Guide or jump up and down channels.

As well as being a TV tuner, this also has limited PVR functionality. You can’t record shows, or set up any type of series link, however you can pause/rewind/fast foward live TV (up to 30 minutes), however you will need to give up 4GB of you hard drive to enable this.

All in all, a cracking little device, not sure how much use it will get, but definitely saved my a small fortune for the limited amount of live TV I watch.

Unboxing pics below.

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner


Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

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Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter


Being a fan of being able to plug in a pair of headphones into the bottom of my Dualshock 4 controller on the PS4, buying the Stereo Headset Adapter for the Xbox One controller was a no brainer.

As I tend to need use my Tritton headset for late night gaming, I’ve had to turn down the TV when it started to get late and using the provided Xbox chat mic for my online gaming. This device allows me to plug any head/earphones into the 3.5mm jack on the bottom and direct all sound and chat via them.

The controls are simplistic, if not a little confusing at first. You have the big ol’ mute button in the middle, which mutes your microphone. To the right of this are the volume controls. To the left are two buttons with game/chat. pressing either one of these will shift the volume in favour of one or the other. I have to admit, I spent the first evening, pressing the chat button, then attempting to turn up the chat with the volume buttons….muppet I know.

All in all, did exactly what I wanted, it allowed me to use my existing stereo headset with mic with the Xbox One

Unboxing photos below.

Xbox One Stereo Headset AdapterXbox One Stereo Headset Adapter Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter


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Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset

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Tritton Kunai Stereo Wireless Gaming Headset


With all the hype about the Sony wireless headphones for the PS4, and Microsoft’s headphones for the Xbox One, I decided to see if I could find something a little more universal.

I had originally pre ordered the Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 which provides 7.1 virtual surround sound, and also the Official Xbox One Stereo Headset, however, after a little research and cancelled them both. The cancelation was nothing to do with the products themselves, I just realised once the ‘new shiny’ hype had died down , I only occasionally needed to use headphone. This is normally when I’m getting in my gaming fix at unsociable times and attempting to stay in the good books with C and the neighbours.

So why the Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset? Simple, they ticked all the boxes. I can have the audio input connected to my amp via the headphone jack meaning I don’t have to keep switching cables between devices. As they draw their power from the USB, I simply bought a cheap three pin USB mains power adapter and plugged them into that. They’re wireless so no trailing cables. With the Official Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter coming out in a couple of weeks, this would make them compatible with all my games consoles.

So, how are they? They’re very good at what they’re designed for, which is gaming. I have tried these with music and a couple of movies, but felt the audio was a little too wide for them, and just didn’t sound right to me.

Onto the headphones themselves, they’re comfy, have a sleek drop down mic that extents to be closer to your mouth (didn’t realise it extended until I accidentally pulled on it). I did read a number of reviews before buying and a lot of people where complaining about a background hum on when you have the volume low. They’re correct, there is a hum, however the simple fix is to turn up the volume a little.

As for the microphone quality, I’ve only tested this so for with the Xbox 360, and it worked just as well as the one that comes with the 360.

I do have a few minor gripes, the headphones are battery powered and not rechargeable, however this was simply fixed by inserting two AA rechargeable batteries. The other, the volume control, it’s one of those switches that incrementally turns the volume up and down instead of having a wheel. Again, this isn’t too bad, but there’s no notification that you’re at the highest volume, I would have much preferred a simple wheel. Finally, I would have preferred an independent bass control, I find when there’s a lot of bass, like really deep bass, the headphones tend to distort a little. This has only happened a few times, and maybe I’ve got them set to loud.

All in all, a cracking set of headphones, they come with every lead you could ever need, and for the price they do the job well, unboxing photos below.

Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset



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