Samba Mobile, the no brainer.

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Like most I’m always very sceptical about these ‘free data’ offers, well that was until I took the plunge and tried one.

My ad based free data provider of choice was Samba, which you gain free mobile data for simply watching a few ads.

Ok, so this is how it works, you initally pay for your SIM card (standard size of Micro Sim) or SIM card + Dongle, and that’s it. The SIM card is a one off charge of £5 (or £2.50 via the referral link), and the SIM Card and USB dongle is a one off charge of £25 (or £22.50 via the  referral link), and that’s it.

It’s probably worth noting that the Samba SIM card works on the Three network, so before signing up, I’d suggest checking your device of choice supports the Three network, and the coverage is decent enough for you.

So how do I get my free data? I hear you ask, well let me tell you. As soon as you’ve signed up and bought your SIM card or dongle (using Paypal or a credit/debit card), you are presented a selection of YouTube video ads. Most ads are around 10 to 20 seconds in length, however occasionally you will get one which can be up to 3 minutes. Click one, and around 80% of the way through, you’ll get a message saying ‘Smart move You just earned Samba credit’ and Boom! you’ve got 3.5Mb credited to your account. Want more data, click on the ‘earn more credit’, watch another video, and keep on going until you’ve got enough to see you through the day. The good thing is, even if you have no credit, you can still access the Samba site to watch a few ads to get you going again. From what I can tell, you can earn up to 115.5Mb a day (which took me around 30 minutes over the period of the day,  of clicking while I was doing something in other windows), there isn’t a  maximum cap on the bank, or an expiry on the data….no brainer!

Below is my earning from the last two days, and my SIM is in the post!


If you’re planning on using the data on the PC or Mac, you can download the ‘Samba Battery’ app which is a simple browser plugin (Chrome or Firefox) letting you know how much data you’ve got remaining. Currently this doesn’t update in realtime, however there are future plans to make it so. The delay seems to be a couple of hours, however will give you a rough idea of how much credit you have left. If you’re using this on the iPad, you can be redirected to a page allowing you to add a link to you’re homepage which will allow you to earn credit on your iPad too.

If you don’t have time to click on the ads, you can simply earn 250Mb (or £2.50 cash) of data by referring a friend, and there are no limits to the friends you can refer. Failing that, you can simply add data by using the SIM as Pay as you Go, for £2.50 for 250Mb or £5 for 500Mb, however these seem to have a 30 day expiry period.

I understand that this won’t be for everyone, but if you time to click through a few ads a day, it should keep you in data for life, personally I’m putting mine in my Playstation Vita, which is currently costing me £5 a month via Vodafone Pay as you Go, of which I doubt I even use 100Mb of.

If this does peak your interest, my referal link is http://www.sambamobile.com/Signup/BecomeMember?memberKey=0x57B38F4C28F2B4230285F12610E77994 yes, I will get 250Mb of data, however you will get £2.50 off either the SIM card or the Dongle.


Sony Playstation Vita 3G

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I’m a sucker for new shiny, so obviously the Vita has been on my radar since it was announce, the thought of having home console graphics and functionality on the move sounds like a great idea, however it’s more of a curiosity than a necessity.

Now, I’ve been beating myself up about this console, I’ve had it on pre-order 3 times from 3 different places, and jumped from the 3G model, to just wi-fi and back to 3G. The cancellations haven’t  been down to the deals or price, I just kept talking myself out of it. I currently have every other console (excluding the 3DS) and an increasing pile of shame (pile of unplayed/unfinished games), so I found it hard to justify a new console, especially one with the pricetag that this system comes with. Finally last week, (after spending many evening researching, adding to basket, then talking myself out of it) I decided….what the hell..and ordered the 3G model.

The reason I went for the 3G model was that in the UK, the Vita isn’t locked to a network so you can add any sim card, however if you do top up a fiver on the supplied Vodafone 3G sim card, you get Wipeout 2048 for free. The assumption is, that the GPS functionality won’t work if your out and about with only the wi-fi version, which I’m assuming will get used for location based games and applications. Once I’ve burnt through the 250Mb from Vodafone, I’ll put in one of my 3Gb over 3 month Three sim cards. These can be found on fleabay for as little as £7.

So, the device itself. The first thing to note is the weight and size of this thing, it is larger than the PSP, however feels roughly the same weight, which I’m surprised at.

The screen is gorgeous, the 5″ OLED screen is a massive improvement over the PSP and the touchscreen is very responsive. I’ve not really had a rear touch screen, however what I’ve used seems as responsive as the front.

The 2nd thumbstick is a god send and a much welcome addition, they are a little slacker than I expected but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I’ve recently been playing Resistance: Retribution on the PSP, and that game really needed the 2nd thumbstick, using the buttons as a right thumbstick hurt the thumb, good thing is, it was bought from the PSN store, so I can download and play it on the Vita.

The front and rear cameras seem reasonable, they’re never going to replace my normal camera, but definitely fit for purpose for some of the augmented reality games I’ve seen on the horizon.

Finally, the in built browser isn’t bad at all. I really struggled with the browser on the PSP, even though it worked, I found it very hard to use, the browser however works really well. Not sure it’s quite as good as the browser on the iPhone, but still a good usable browser.

It seems I was able to bag myself a decent deal, so good infact that it’s been removed from the site. For just shy of £300 I got the following

PlayStation Vita Console Bundle 3G
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
8GB Memory Card
Pre-Order Pack

and I guess you can also include Wipeout 2048 for a fiver.

Right now, there’s little more I can tell you about thePS Vita, but over the coming weeks and months I’d no doubt be blogging about at games over at my gaming site D5120.com 

As always, unboxing pics below

Sony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3GSony Playstation Vita 3G


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