Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset

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Tritton Kunai Stereo Wireless Gaming Headset


With all the hype about the Sony wireless headphones for the PS4, and Microsoft’s headphones for the Xbox One, I decided to see if I could find something a little more universal.

I had originally pre ordered the Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 which provides 7.1 virtual surround sound, and also the Official Xbox One Stereo Headset, however, after a little research and cancelled them both. The cancelation was nothing to do with the products themselves, I just realised once the ‘new shiny’ hype had died down , I only occasionally needed to use headphone. This is normally when I’m getting in my gaming fix at unsociable times and attempting to stay in the good books with C and the neighbours.

So why the Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset? Simple, they ticked all the boxes. I can have the audio input connected to my amp via the headphone jack meaning I don’t have to keep switching cables between devices. As they draw their power from the USB, I simply bought a cheap three pin USB mains power adapter and plugged them into that. They’re wireless so no trailing cables. With the Official Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter coming out in a couple of weeks, this would make them compatible with all my games consoles.

So, how are they? They’re very good at what they’re designed for, which is gaming. I have tried these with music and a couple of movies, but felt the audio was a little too wide for them, and just didn’t sound right to me.

Onto the headphones themselves, they’re comfy, have a sleek drop down mic that extents to be closer to your mouth (didn’t realise it extended until I accidentally pulled on it). I did read a number of reviews before buying and a lot of people where complaining about a background hum on when you have the volume low. They’re correct, there is a hum, however the simple fix is to turn up the volume a little.

As for the microphone quality, I’ve only tested this so for with the Xbox 360, and it worked just as well as the one that comes with the 360.

I do have a few minor gripes, the headphones are battery powered and not rechargeable, however this was simply fixed by inserting two AA rechargeable batteries. The other, the volume control, it’s one of those switches that incrementally turns the volume up and down instead of having a wheel. Again, this isn’t too bad, but there’s no notification that you’re at the highest volume, I would have much preferred a simple wheel. Finally, I would have preferred an independent bass control, I find when there’s a lot of bass, like really deep bass, the headphones tend to distort a little. This has only happened a few times, and maybe I’ve got them set to loud.

All in all, a cracking set of headphones, they come with every lead you could ever need, and for the price they do the job well, unboxing photos below.

Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset Tritton Universal Kunai Wireless Headset



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Elgato Game Capture HD

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Elgato Game Capture HD


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve become quite addicted to watching and capturing videos using the features on the PS4 and the Xbox One. There is something strangely voyeuristic about being able to sit and watch somebody play through a game, and I’ve found myself spending many evenings doing so.

Last year, I picked up a AverMedia Game Capture HD C281 for recording my Xbox and PS3 footage and have had mixed results with it. When it works, it’s great, simply record footage to the internal hard drive, then either pop out the drive or copy to a USB stick, move to PC/Mac, edit, then upload. Over the last couple of months I’ve had some issues with the Xbox recognising the cable properly, which has lead to the captures being in 480p only. I’ve run through all the tests I can, new cable, resetting the Xbox, bypassing the device and going straight to the TV, even a different Xbox, but to no avail, so I’ve decided to replace it with a different model.

The Elgato Game Capture HD offers a few benefits over the AverMedia Game Capture HD, notably the HDMI passthrough, instead of having to use the component cables. The device doesn’t have it’s own internal storage, instead it records directly to a PC/Mac, which will eliminate the need to move files between devices. This isn’t really an issue for me, as the Xbox 360 I record from is sat next to my iMac

Some of the additional features allow live streamings to Twitch, UStream and YouTube,  as well as one-click sharing to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other services. I guess one of the main features for me is the Flashback Recording feature that constantly records your footage, but will only commit to a file if you ask it to, kind of like the ‘Xbox…..Record That’ feature on the Xbox One, but this will potentially record hours.

As you can see from the below images, the device is very small and compact and takes up a lot less room than the AverMedia Game Capture HD. Setup was simple, I connected two HDMI cables, one to the Xbox and one to the TV, the USB cable to my Mac and installed the software.

The software is probably the best feature. In the middle of the screen you have your live feed (with a second or two delay), and on the right you have your controls, allowing you to easily start recording or streaming. Once you have your video recorded, you can use the built in editor to simply trim down the video. Once trimmed, you can either upload as it is or if you want to add your own touch to it, you can simply sent it to iMovie to add the polishing touches.

I’ll be primarily using this with the Xbox 360, however the cables included will allow recording from any HDMI device. The included cables allow connection to the PS3 (as the HDMI is encrypted) and component cables so I could use this with the Wii as well. Looking on the forums, this device will also be compatible with the Xbox One, and once the PS4 has received a firmware update to remove the HDCP protection, this should work flawlessly too.

So far, I’ve been really impressed with this device, very simply to use and plan to flesh out my YouTube channel in the coming months.

Unboxing photos below.

Elgato Game Capture HDElgato Game Capture HD Elgato Game Capture HD Elgato Game Capture HD Elgato Game Capture HD Elgato Game Capture HD


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AverMedia Game Capture HD C281

Posted by Ub3rG33k on May 18, 2012 in PS3, Wii, XBOX 360

Many moons ago, myself and Tony (fellow Fictionshed founder) spent a some time attempting to find a way to record output from the Xbox for our ViperPilots project.

For episode 4 we planned to use the Halo 3 engine, as the capture/playback featue is awesome and gave us everything we need to create the episode, in a machinima Red vs Blue style. The only downside was attempting to get the video out of Halo, and onto the mac for it to be edited together. Bungie do offer a solution to this, however wanted this  to be Game agnostic.

When we initially looked, there were only a handful of solutions, and to be honest a little pricey, so we put the ViperPilots project on hold.

Jump forward to last Monday, I was involved in a Trials Evolution practice Tournament, whereby one of the member (Oli) was able to record the entire thing. After watching this back on YouTube, I was sold.

Please note, may contain strong language…as it’s one of the most frustrating games in the world !

The unit itself is quite clever, just pop in 2.5″ hard drive and your ready to go. The good thing is, with a 1TB drive, you can get over 250 hours worth of 1080i real time video, and who know how many screen shots.

As you can see from the below the device works by passing through the video, it has a universal console input (Xbox, PS3 and Wii), and then output to the TV via component cables, with no noticeable lag (if your running in real time mode)

The machine itself has a menu whereby you can view, edit delete all your previous recording, and manage the setting, however if you want to get the video onto a computer for you to edit there, simply plug in a USB stick and copy the file you want onto that.

One of the interesting features is the snapshot feature, this will allow you to play back a video in slow motion, frame be frame until you get the image you want, you can then capture this image in the full 1080 resolution.

All in all, this is a fantastic piece of kit, and I look forward to spamming YouTube with 100’s of hours of captured video.

As always, unboxing photos below.

AverMedia Game Capture HD C281 AverMedia Game Capture HD C281 AverMedia Game Capture HD C281 AverMedia Game Capture HD C281 AverMedia Game Capture HD C281 AverMedia Game Capture HD C281

as a Brucey Bonus, please find below Olis video unboxing….enjoy


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