Sony PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Dec 27, 2012 in PS3, Tech

Playstation Move Racing Wheel

As I’m currently taking part in my own personal ‘No Shiny’ 2013 Challenge , I’ve not bought anything for a couple of months. If anybody regualarly reads my blog, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for shiny things, so this challenge is hurting as much as, if not more than the Year of Shame Gaming Challenge

So Christmas was around the corner, and C asked what I wanted from Santa, so I reeled a few thing of the list of gadgets that had peaked my interest over the past couple of months, and the Racing Wheel was one of them. I already have a full Steering Wheel and Racing Chair, however it spends the majority of it’s time in the loft as it takes up quite a lot of space.

It’s hopefully quite obvious that I already own the Playstation Move, and  now this, which puts me into some strange minority group. Unfortunately the Move didn’t take off as big or as fast as I assume Sony has hoped, and it just became a gimmick, and for me, just another gaming accessory that sits on that ‘special shelf’ gathering dust.

I think in late October I watch a video from the developer explaining how the Racing Wheel would put some life back into the controller, and you know what, he’s right.

The design is quite simple, plonk your Playstation Move controller into the middle, and push it onto the USB slot at the bottom and voila, you’ve got an enlarged DualShock controller. Once the Playstation Move controller is seated, the D-pad, and buttons work just like you have a DualShock in your hands, so you can navigate the menus, and play realistically any game, without having to change any settings.

On the back of each of the handles, there are the two triggers and two buttons, mapped to the L1, R1, L2, and R2, and just off the inner circle, there are two flappy paddles mapped to L1 and R1, which works really well for driving games.

If bike games are more you’re thing, a simple click, and you move the two handles into more of a handle bar formation, and the right handle twists like a bike throttle which is mapped to R2.

From what I understand, it maps the Playstation Move axis to the left and right thumb pads, but giving you a lot better sensitivity, and I have to say, it works really well. I’ve so far tried it with Burnout Paradise, GRID and Gran Turismo 5, and all worked really well. I found I was able to shave a good five seconds off some of my quickest times just by having more precision on the corners.

As well as being used for driving games, this is also aimed at flight games, unfortunately I don’t have any kicking around to test, but assume with the increase in precision would work really well.

If you do play a lot of racing games on the Playstation 3, and one of the few that bought a Playstation Move controller, then I can highly recommend this, it’s lightweight, the buttons are all in the right place (for my hands) and just works. You can pick this up for around the £30 mark, so it’s a no brainer.

It’s probably worth noting that you don’t need the Playstation Eye to use this, as it’s just tracking the accelerometers.

Below are the unboxing pics and the Playstation Tech Demo which originally peaked my interest.

Sony PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Sony PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Sony PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Sony PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Sony PlayStation Move Racing Wheel


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How to hide items on your Facebook news feed

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Feb 16, 2010 in Tech

Ok, just a quick blog post, but some people may find this useful . If you are like me and have a number of friends of facebook that play a lot of the facebook apps such as Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, etc and tend to hit the publish button every time they fire up the game, or what seems like every 30 seconds, your Facebook news feed, like mine can get a little crowded.

You could un-friend them, but that’s not very friendly, and if they enjoy playing the games, and I’m sure they have other friends that may finds the post of interest (eg, if they are playing the same game), but for me, it just makes my News Feed unreadable.

The solution is simpler than you think !,  when you see one of the offending posts, just mouse over the top right hand corner, and click the hide button. This will hide this post, and give you the option to hide notifications from just this app, or from this user. Hiding the app, will hide all posts from this application.

I spent 5 minutes running through my news feed, hiding all the apps, and now my feed just has relevant information to me, it’s like the good old days of Facebook again.

edit : Just has a message from Chris, and apparently if you just use Lite version of Facebook, you don’t get any apps showing.

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COD : Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Unboxing

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Nov 9, 2009 in XBOX 360


Just a quick blog post to show you what comes in the Prestige Edition Box. Basically, you get everything that comes in the Hardened Edition, but with the Night Vision Goggles too.

Night Vision Goggles

Collectors Stand

Steel Book with Metallic Finish

Art Book

Game Manual

Token to download the original Call of Duty

Images below








Finally a little video to show you how good the night vision goggles are

Anyway, blog done, time to get my game on 🙂 BassJunkie5120 if you want to add me on the Xbox 🙂

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