Nintendo 3DS XL

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Aug 16, 2012 in 3DS, Nintendo

For some reason, the 3DS didn’t really bother me, granted I was intrigued at ‘glasses free’ 3D when I saw it announced way back at E3 2010, but unlike more gaming gadgets, I didn’t go for a day one purchase.
Roll on a year, and the announcement of the 3DS XL, again I wasn’t too bothered, to be honest I have a DSLite and a Wii and can’t remember the last time I switched either of them on.
Then a couple of weeks ago more and more of the midlifegamer community started to buy 3DS’s and exchange friends codes , I suddenly got the urge to buy one, and unfortunately when I get the urge to buy something, it tends to be on the forefront of my mind until I actually buy it. I then listened to an episode of the midlifegamer podcast, on which one of the hosts discussed the fun time he was having with his new 3DS XL and I was sold and ordered one.

Now the stupid thing is, I’m about to embark on a year long challenge where I’m not allowed to buy a game, which is quite honestly going to be hell. As you can imagine, deciding which platform to buy for when it comes to Birthdays and Christmas is going to be a hard decision.

Ok, so history over, and today it turned up. The first thing to note is this is huge in comparison to my old DSLite, however wasn’t really shocked as this apparently has a 90% bigger screen. For some reason I went for the Red and Black version, it just seemed to look better, I one point I did have the Blue one in my basket, but changed.

My previous experience of the Nintendo handheld interface was on the DSLite, and lets be honest it was rather basic, so seeing this new shiny UI was a sight for sore eyes. Still to this day, I think the Wii has the best user experiences on all the current generation consoles, it’s clean, easy to use and very user friendly, and Nintendo have brought that to the 3DS XL (I’m assuming the 3DS also).

One thing that I really like about the software is the ‘Activity Log’. Somebody who used Google Latitude and Foursquare to track my real world movements, and 5 different gaming sites to track my gaming time and achievements/trophies….being able to track the time I use the device gave me a happy little twinge.

The console has a couple of camera, a front facing, and 2 at the rear to allow you to take 3D pictures and up to 10 minutes worth of video in 3D. I’ve had a quick play, and actually quite like what I’m seeing. My assumption is that these can only be played back on another 3DS, but I’m sure Google will be my friend.

With the 3DS there are a handful of augmented reality games that use the camera, which are ok. I got something similar with the PSVita, I played them all once then didn’t really go back to them either.

As expected with a newer handheld, the Nintendo store is available for you to download some old school titles, which is good if you want to go back to the GameBoy slot has been removed. I did however have this slot available on my DSLite and never used it.

Now the fun stuff, (and how Sony should have done it instead of using the terrible ‘Near’ service), when you fire up the 3DS, you’re asked to create your Mii, very much like you do on the Wii. Once created this becomes your avatar, which I’m assuming can/will be used in games, however the cool bit is this avatar represents you in the StreetPass. I’ve not been out and about with it yet, but from what I understand, if I’ve got my 3DS with me, and it’s in standby mode, and I’m in the vicinity of another 3DS, they will automatically talk to each other and offer a friends request. Again, if I understand correctly, you can only have 10 ‘friends request’ queued up, but once accepted, these will become other avatars within your games.

I would like to point out that if you have a Wii, and like me you spent many evening creating Mii characters, you can transfer these to the 3DS. I currently have , Beavis and Butthead, and many random Star Trek, Star Wars, Matrix, Simpons and Red Dwarf cast members running around my Mii Plaza.

Finally, the 3DS does have an integrated web browsers, which is…ok, however nowhere near as smooth or as usable as on my iPhone, so don’t really see me using it very much, it also seems to take far too long to render the pages.

As it stands, I’ve not actually played a game on it, as I’ve been too busy exploring the device and setting it up, but I’ll post what I think of the games on my gaming site.

All in all, a cracking device, not sure how long it’ll be before the honeymoon period wears off and it’s sat on my shelf next to my DSLite, PSP and PSVita, but so far so good.

As always, unboxing pictures below, and a great unboxing and instructional video from Oli.

Accessory kit, 3DS and charger In the box The Box Content Out of the box ...and open The case The Accessory kit

Just so you can get a size comparison, below is an image of the 3DS and PSVita together….yup, it’s huge!

Screen size compared to the vita


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Soon I will be free from the Micrsosoft pain and suffering.

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jan 3, 2009 in Apple

As with most Windows users, we all get used to it’s little quirks, think “oh well”, when you see the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), hold the power button down when it decided to lock up and show all your open apps as (Not Responding)….well I’ve had enough.

I’ve used non-linux based operating systems for many many moons, since that day that everything was branded as “IBM Compatible”, when DOS was a sold operating system, and DOS Shell was a simple way of managing your files. These days I talk about where when you had an option to fire up windows, or just run at a command prompt …..ah simple times.

I saw Windows 3, then add sound in 3.1, then add network support in 3.11 for workgroups. I saw them make Windows the primary operating System in Windows 95, add 32-bit support in Windows 98 SE, really not sure what ME was all about, apart from it had prettier icons, and a higher crash rate than a destruction derby….NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista…….and with Windows 7, with Direct X 11 on the horizon (I wonder if it’s a sign ….7/11), but I think it’s time for me to leave the Windows gravy train, and head for greener pastures…that’s right people, I’m heading to the dark side.

On Friday, I’ve order myself a new shiny Macbook Pro ! Woot !

I bought an Apple Ipod Touch 32Gb a month or so ago, and had forgotten what it was like for something just to work !

Now I know apple aren’t the cheapest, but you do get what you pay for. The touch is a £250 MP3 player…..I know, however once you’ve got one in your hand and start to add apps, add your own music you will instantly fall in love with it. This I hope is what is going to happy with the MacBook.

Specs are as follows

Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4GHz) processor.
250GB hard drive.
15.4in glossy TFT widescreen display.
Slot-loading 8X SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD+RW/CD-RW).
nVidia GeForce 9600M GT graphics with dedicated 256MB memory.
802.11 N WiFi.
Built-in iSIGHT camera.
MAC OS X v10.5 Leopard and iLIFE 08.

It’s due for delivery on the 14th (don’t ask, I found a bargain that saved me over £200, so willing to wait)

Only 11 days to go 😀

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Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jan 3, 2009 in PSP

Got one of these puppies for Christmas, and until today I didn’t have anything to test it with. While I was in Game today, I stumbled across Family Guy: Blue Harvest for only £4.99 ! Bargin I know !!

So I’ve just fired it up, and OMG ! this thing sound fantastic !, comes with a little carrying case which holds the cables and dock.

The PSP sits good as well as charges as it docs.

Full spec below

Product Information

A ‘mini theatre’ to play movies or music. This SoundStation for PSP Slim & Lite produces astounding sound using a high class amplifier, deep bass sub-woofer and 3D surround-sound circuitry to pack a punch more powerful than its compact size suggests. Includes mains adaptor, carry-case and line-in cable

  • 2.1 Sub-woofer Speaker System
  • 12 Watts RMS
  • Operates from AC Adaptor (included) or Batteries 4xAA (not included)
  • Internal 3D surround sound processor
  • Docking station for PSP re-charging
  • Blue soft-light illumination
  • 3.5mm Stereo line-in for playing other audio devices like MP3, MD, CD player. etc
  • Dimensions: 104 x 278 x 38mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight – 550g
  • 3.5mm Stereo Line-in (Cable provided) to allow gameplay, or play back of other audio devices including MP3, CD player, MiniDisc etc.
  • Carry Case for Sound System & PSP console.
  • 1 x 2.5″ Sub Woofer 4ohm = 6 Watts RMS
  • 2 x 30mm full range 4ohm Neodymium aluminum speaker cones = 6 Watts RMS
  • PSP Slim & Lite not included
If you’ve got a PSP – 2000 slim, and have lots of AVI’s, MP3’s or UMD disks, looking for a dock, or just looking for some external speaks for your mp3 player,  I’d highly recommend this

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