iPhone 4 Camera Quality

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jun 25, 2010 in Apple, iPhone

Heres a few quick snaps with the iPhone 4 camera. (click on them for the full sized images.)

…and here’s a couple of 720 video tests

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Create Channels for you Wii Games

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jan 28, 2010 in Nintendo

If you are like me, and got very lazy and modified your Wii so you could play your games from a Hard Drive, then this takes laziness to the next level.

Even with the mod, you had to fire up the homebrew channel, or fire up the CoverFloader, or WiiCoverFlow or whichever channel you had for accessing your hard drive, then select the game, then load….you can now remove a step, and have your games as channels, and below I’ll show you how.

Assumed prerequisites.

You have a Wii

You have a homebrew channel installed

You have your games installed to a compatible hard drive connected to the Wii

Assuming you have the above, lets continue.

Download the latest version of WBFS Manager if you don’t already have it installed.

Download the latest version of Loadstructor (Torrent link here)

and finally the common-key.bin (Torrent Link Here)

Once everything is installed, connect your hard drive to you PC. This should appear in my computer but you won’t be able to access it, this is normal.

Fire up WBPS Manager, and select the external hard drive with you games on it from the drop down box, and click load. You should see a list of your game, if so move onto the next step.

Unzip the Loadstructor zip file and copy the common-key.bin into the root of this folder.

Run the Loadstuctor.exe and you should be met with the below screen.

I personally left all the setting as default.

Click on Add from WBFS, and select the game you want as a channel, using the CTRL key you can select multiple games

Once you have your games selected hit the RUN! button, this will create the wad files on your chosen output folder.

Once complete (took around 20 seconds a game on my machine) you will have a number of wad files in the above folder. Copy these to your Wii SD Card into a folder called wads on the root.

Now we head back to the Wii, take your external hard drive and SD Card with you and plug them into your Wii

Fire up your homebrew channel, then run WAD Manager (assuming you still have this on your SD Card from installing your homebrew channel, if now version 1.5 can be found here or here

Select the newly created wads, and install, that’s it, jobs done ! You will now have Wii Channels for all you favorite games

Final Note :

If your game won’t load and you sat looking at a screen saying Loading ISO, try disabling the Fix 002 Error, as not all games need this, and it seems to be switched on by default, and secondly, I’ve found that I have to completely power off my Wii between games, I can only assume something gets cached.

Anyway, hope this of some help. If you get stuck, drop me a comment and I’ll give you a hand.

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How to stop spam bots on phpbb3

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Apr 18, 2009 in Tech

Over the past couple of months I’ve been having a bit of an issue with spam bots signing up, and posting spam all over my forums. I spent the best part of 2 days trying to combat this but to no avail. I was just about to tear my hair out, when I stubled accross a brilliant idea over at awesomestyles.com

The idea was to create a custom field which was compulsery on signup.

Custom profile fields are a feature of phpBB3. They allow you, as admin, to easily add fields that a user can fill out to their profile – such as location, age and so on. It is possible to use a custom profile field to help and prevent spam bots from registering on your forum.

Adding a new custom profile field

Firstly you need to login to your admin forum and click the Users and groups tab

Users and groups tab

From the left hand menu select the Custom profile fields from the Users menu

Users menu

This will show all the custom profile fields currently added. Add a new one from the box in the bottom right of the page.

Add new profile field

Use a name in the textbox such as ‘stop_spam’ or ‘no_spam’ (17 characters max, a-z and underscores only allowed). Select Dropdown box from the dropdown box and click Create field

The settings

You’ll now be shown a more detailed form. The field type and identification fields should already be filled in. Make sure that the Display profile field option is set to Yes and the Display on registration screen and Required field options are checked.

New profile field

Enter some text for the bottom 3 boxes. In this tutorial the Field title is Are you a spambot?, the description is Sorry we have to ask and the options are just Yes and No.

Once you’ve entered this text click Profile type specific options and you’ll be taken to the next stage in adding the custom profile field.

Add profile field options

The default settings here should be fine. Both drop down boxes need to be set to Yes. This means that “Yes” is the default option when on the registration page and that a value of “Yes” will cause an error. This means that whoever is registering will have to change this value to “No” – the idea being a spam bot would not know to do this so won’t be able to sign up to your forum. Click the Language specific options button. This will allow you to translate the text you entered (Are you a spam bot, etc) in step 1 to any other languages installed on your forum. Once that has been completed click Save.

That’s it! This won’t stop all spam bots however it will help to prevent some spam and it is a very easy system to implement.

Using just 1 field didn’t work for me, however adding 2, worked just a treat, my registration screen look like the below, and since implementing a couple of days ago, no more spam bots !!

Reg screen

Reg screen

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