Wolverine finally beat

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jul 20, 2009 in Microsoft

x-men-origins-wolverineAbout 2 months ago I downloaded the demo of Wolverine on my PS3, and loved it !, However with not seeing the film, I wasn’t willing to buy the full game in case of spoilers.

About a month ago, I finally got my butt into gear and and went to the cinema, and say Wolverine…which was an ok film.

About 3 weeks ago, I was in my local Tesco’s and noticed that it was available on the Xbox 360 for £25 !…Bargain. Luckily I have both consoles so bought it.

How is it ?…It’s fantastic !, I read many reviews, and it averages rating was around 7/10, but I personally think it’s worth more that this. The game play is very much like God of War, it’s a good hack and slash game, and really action packed, with some really gruesome cut scenes.

I did get annoyed by a few things, there were 2 points in the game that stand out where they were stupid timed jumpy bit, whereby if you didn’t time it perfectly, you ended up either falling to your death, and then have to wait around 30 seconds for the save game to load, or having to start the chain of events again, so the little platforms came out so you could then get to the beginning, and jump across them again…very frustrating.

The combat in the game was awesome, very fast paced, and as you go through the game and pick up and slot power-up, it only gets better.

The end of game boss annoyed me, in total took me 28 attempts at killing him, and not due to the fact that I’m bad at the game, it’s due to the fact that the 3rd stage of killing him, he fires the red laser at you, which destroys the ground beneath you, which then makes you fall to you death. The majority of the time you couldn’t jump out of the way in time, so had no choice but to die, so you have to load your previous save game which starts at the beginning of the 2nd stage, which then takes you 5/10 minutes of battle to get back to stage 3 again, only to have the ground blow from under me, and have to load the checkpoint again.

I feel I’ve been quite negative above, but the rest of the game more than makes up for it, it took me around 14 hours to beat the game of which I was only annoyed for around 1 hour of this, so 13 hours of mindless blood fest.

I’d give this game a 9/10 and if it wasn’t for the annoyance at the end boss, this would have got a 10/10 from me.

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First Impressions: Windows 7 Beta

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jan 21, 2009 in Microsoft

Well, I have a spare machine, so thought I’d download the Vista 7 Beta, and see what’s in store for windows users.

Currently I’ve spent only an hour or so using it, however I thought I’d give my first impressions.

It’s quick, it’s stable and so far no crashing.

The UI is improved, however seems more and more like Mac OS

The below are just first impressions, and the resolution is possible, however not clear.

Currently don’t like to the fact that that you can’t change the control panel to classic mode.

There is no longer a quick launch toolbar (I need this in my life)

Unable to turn off UAC

I’m a little curious how it was able to access my NAS drive (which requires name/password), and have full access ?

as I’ve said, this are first impressions, and I will add posts when I’ve sussed out how to do the above.

edit: Ok, now I’ve had a little more time, I’ve now answered my questions. Instead of UAC, you now have a feature that gives you a sliding scale of how often you want Windows to annoy you, turning this to never, allows your to do what you like.

Sussed the taskbar, I had it locked…now I can drag and “pin to toolbar”

Sussed how it was able to access my NAS drive, it seems to be smart enough to use the NT/Authentication setting that I logged onto Windows 7 with, and try these…and it worked.

Finally as for the control panel, you are unable to change it to classic mode, but you can “show all control panel”, and this displays the log, however it does seem to reset when you go back in.

The playing will continue

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