Create Channels for you Wii Games

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jan 28, 2010 in Nintendo

If you are like me, and got very lazy and modified your Wii so you could play your games from a Hard Drive, then this takes laziness to the next level.

Even with the mod, you had to fire up the homebrew channel, or fire up the CoverFloader, or WiiCoverFlow or whichever channel you had for accessing your hard drive, then select the game, then load….you can now remove a step, and have your games as channels, and below I’ll show you how.

Assumed prerequisites.

You have a Wii

You have a homebrew channel installed

You have your games installed to a compatible hard drive connected to the Wii

Assuming you have the above, lets continue.

Download the latest version of WBFS Manager if you don’t already have it installed.

Download the latest version of Loadstructor (Torrent link here)

and finally the common-key.bin (Torrent Link Here)

Once everything is installed, connect your hard drive to you PC. This should appear in my computer but you won’t be able to access it, this is normal.

Fire up WBPS Manager, and select the external hard drive with you games on it from the drop down box, and click load. You should see a list of your game, if so move onto the next step.

Unzip the Loadstructor zip file and copy the common-key.bin into the root of this folder.

Run the Loadstuctor.exe and you should be met with the below screen.

I personally left all the setting as default.

Click on Add from WBFS, and select the game you want as a channel, using the CTRL key you can select multiple games

Once you have your games selected hit the RUN! button, this will create the wad files on your chosen output folder.

Once complete (took around 20 seconds a game on my machine) you will have a number of wad files in the above folder. Copy these to your Wii SD Card into a folder called wads on the root.

Now we head back to the Wii, take your external hard drive and SD Card with you and plug them into your Wii

Fire up your homebrew channel, then run WAD Manager (assuming you still have this on your SD Card from installing your homebrew channel, if now version 1.5 can be found here or here

Select the newly created wads, and install, that’s it, jobs done ! You will now have Wii Channels for all you favorite games

Final Note :

If your game won’t load and you sat looking at a screen saying Loading ISO, try disabling the Fix 002 Error, as not all games need this, and it seems to be switched on by default, and secondly, I’ve found that I have to completely power off my Wii between games, I can only assume something gets cached.

Anyway, hope this of some help. If you get stuck, drop me a comment and I’ll give you a hand.

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You’re In The Movies

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jan 4, 2009 in XBOX 360

Well, after drinking a few beers last night, we decided we were ready to play “You’re In The Movies”. The game fires up, and you have some little actionman type dude running you through how to get the best from the game, camera positioning, lighting, etc etc……….then load screen.

We then selected a new movie (“Everyone’s a Superhero” I believe). It than ran us through all the lighting and postioning setting again, took a snapshot of the room without us, and then asked up to come back…..we had become ghosts….
Dependant on where we stood we either got 1/2 a head, or no legs, or I’d shed a few pound as one of my sides had disappeared….
So before we continues, I went back to the main menu, turned on more lights as my assumption was the contrast on the shadows was making parts of us disappear.

Ran through the configeration again, we were still ghosts, with no legs…ran through all the settings but to no avail, so we though, meh…we’ll do it anyway.

The games seemed to consist of running, a lot of running !, not the kinda thing you want to do with a belly full of beer, however in a crazy catch 22 situation, this was the only way you would want to play this game, after a few beers.

We ran through the “virtually run”, “virtually hold weights”, etc, etc. We did however have one major problem, C is 5″ smaller that I, so we ended up putting coins on the floor to mark where we needed to stand to have optimal recognition, but before each “challenge”, we seemed to have to move quite alot to get within the outline, then the camera still failed to correctly pick up movements.

Once we’d endured all the tests, we sat feeling a tad sick (from the beer inside us being shook up so much) to watch the finished production. It seemed to last 30 seconds…….5 mins of jumping about and painful loading times for this ?!?, it did as it says in the title, we were in the movies, well a 30 second click on the Xbox

Foolishly thinking that as it was the first level, and in most games the first level is always a tad lame, we did the 2nd one, again after reconfiguring we still had no legs, still much running, still poor recognition, after about 5 mins, we sat to watch the 2nd vid, and again about 30 secs of….well movie I guess. The thing is, with there only being 2 of us playing, and the game designed for 4, half of the time was using pre-rendered footage for the other 2 “players”, so we got even less screentime.

All I can say is, with is painful loadtime, and poor recognition, I’m glad I didn’t just buy game only (£25 on play.com), otherwise I think I would have been gutted !

I think the only way this would have worked well is with a green screen behind me, and me in a red jump suite, with my face painted red in a kinda Hellboy Stylee.

If I was to be really generous, I would give this a 4/10, as it’s Microsofts answer to the eyetoy, on the upside, I no longer have to buy a webcam for my Vista machine.

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