Broken my iPod Touch again

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jul 21, 2009 in Apple

Well another week goes by, and I break something else. This week it’s my iPod Touch again.apple-ipod-touch

Over the past couple of days, it’s just been hanging and I’ve had to manually restart it a number of time, however tonight it finally broke…big time !

While syncing my podcasts this evening, it flash on and off a few time, and then all I got was the Apple logo…and this is how it stayed for about half an hour…oops.

So, as I’ve locked up my iPod before, I knew that if it locks up, all I need to do it hold the power and the home button down for about 10 seconds, and this will kill it….I did…and it did !

I fired it back up again, and again, for another 3o mins or so it stayed on the apple logo ! Doh !

Finally I decided, “Recovery mode it is…”, fired it up, kept my finger on the home button, plugged in the cable and waited….and waited, and waited. Previously when I’ve put it in recovery mode, it pops up with the “plug into iTunes please” logo within a matter of seconds, but no, a minute later, still the apple logo !…I was just about to give up on it, and book myself in at the apple store, then the happy “please plug me into iTunes popped up ! Phew !

Plugged into iTunes, and it recognized I’d plugged in my iPod in recovery mode and wanted to wipe it…which was fine as I’d only synced about an hour before.

It got half way through the process, only for me to be met with a Error 1604 !, After doing a little reading it seemed something to do with the downloaded version of the OS..

Anyway, me being me, ignored everything I’d just read on how to fix it, and gave it another try…this time it worked !!!

I had to leave my iPod for nearly an hour to sync everything back up, copy across my apps and music, but we are now all back up and running.

One thing I have noticed with version 3 of the OS, it now remembers where all your icons were when it restores a backup ! Finally !…there’s was nothing worse than restoring a backup, only to spend the next couple of days moving your icons back to the places you like them.

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First Impressions: Windows 7 Beta

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jan 21, 2009 in Microsoft

Well, I have a spare machine, so thought I’d download the Vista 7 Beta, and see what’s in store for windows users.

Currently I’ve spent only an hour or so using it, however I thought I’d give my first impressions.

It’s quick, it’s stable and so far no crashing.

The UI is improved, however seems more and more like Mac OS

The below are just first impressions, and the resolution is possible, however not clear.

Currently don’t like to the fact that that you can’t change the control panel to classic mode.

There is no longer a quick launch toolbar (I need this in my life)

Unable to turn off UAC

I’m a little curious how it was able to access my NAS drive (which requires name/password), and have full access ?

as I’ve said, this are first impressions, and I will add posts when I’ve sussed out how to do the above.

edit: Ok, now I’ve had a little more time, I’ve now answered my questions. Instead of UAC, you now have a feature that gives you a sliding scale of how often you want Windows to annoy you, turning this to never, allows your to do what you like.

Sussed the taskbar, I had it locked…now I can drag and “pin to toolbar”

Sussed how it was able to access my NAS drive, it seems to be smart enough to use the NT/Authentication setting that I logged onto Windows 7 with, and try these…and it worked.

Finally as for the control panel, you are unable to change it to classic mode, but you can “show all control panel”, and this displays the log, however it does seem to reset when you go back in.

The playing will continue

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