Remote Control Delorean

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Mar 1, 2011 in Brain Dump, Tech

After playing with the Remote Control Millennium Falcon, I’ve been on the outlook for more nostalgic remote control vehicles.

To list just a few on my “To get” list are, the General Lee, the A-Team van, Knight Riders KITT and the Back to the Future Delorean. You can only imagine my joy when I saw that Argos were selling off the Deloeans for £12.99 each in their eBay outlet store. These are usually around the £30 mark, and if you look on eBay now, they seem to be going for between £30 – £50 (which I’d bought loads !)

To be honest, there’s not much to say…it’s a remote control Delorean :)…..and before you ask, I’ve attempted to get it up to 88 mph, but nothing seems to happen 🙂


Remote Control Delorean

Remote Control Delorean

Remote Control Delorean

Remote Control Delorean

Remote Control Delorean

Remote Control Delorean

Remote Control Delorean

Remote Control Delorean

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Consolodating email

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Mar 8, 2009 in Tech

I like most of you have been using email since it first came out, way back in the days of a 14k modem was FAST !!

As you can imagine, I have switched between many mail programs as they have advanced over the years, and have disks and disk full of archives.

Last week, I came to the conclusion that I needed to get all of these onto Gmail, as I really like the idea of cloud computing, and it really helps when you can get to your email from anywhere.

I’ve tried a number of ways to upload to GMail, eg setting up IMAP and dragging and dropping, Google Email Uploader (which only works if you have a google apps account, and also attempting a few tutorials I’ve found on the web, which seem to be out of date.

I have however managed it, and below is how.

Firstly, you need a “throwaway domain”, I’ve got a couple of domain names that I’ve registered but never done anything with. You will need to have access to change the MX records (normally found at your domain hosting site)

Log into your domain hosting, got the DNS management section and change your MX records to these

Next you need to setup a google apps account, the signup page is here, please note, it was assume you are a business, and suggest the paid version, however just sign up for the standard, as this is free, and will do everything you need.

Right, now that’s in place, you will need to add this account to your main GMail account. Gmail will allow you to download email from 5 external emails. Log into your Gmail, go to Settings, then Accounts. The section that says “Get mail from other accounts:” Add your new account.

The setting for the new account are

Username = full email address
password = your password
pop server = smtp.gmail.com
port = 995
Click the Always use a secure connection……
Click the Label incoming message….I created a Label called “Old Archive”, as google uses Archive
Click the Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox)….learn from my mistakes, not clicking this, meant for the last 24 hours, my phone, my mac book, my PC, my Ipod touch have been going mental with new email alerts !!

Assuming you’ve now done the above, your ready with your email.

Ok now to tidy up the email, as I’ve got so many email archives, I had quite a lot of overlap, I found the best way to fix this was to get them all into Thunderbird. If your not familiar with Thunderbird, it’s Mozilla’s email client. The reason I’ve used this, it because, as with Firefox, there are loads of addons.

First thing I did, was (and there is probably a lot easier way of doing this) was to load up outlook, and outlook express, and drop in all the related email archives into each. Once this was done, I opened up Thunderbird, and used the Import function to import all mail from these 2 programs and get them all into Thunderbird. Now all my email was in 1 place, I was time to do some tiding.

I dragged all the email from all the folders (Inbox, Sent, etc) into 1 big folder, I know to some of you, your thinking WTF !!!, but wait, hear me out. As Gmail works differently to other email systems, it stores all it’s email in one please, and separates by label name, and not folders, Also the end result will be all imported with a label of “Old Archive” anyway.

Once you have all the email in one place, I downloaded an addon for Thunderbird to remove duplicate emails (as I type this, there were 2 available, and the Alternative one worked best for me. Once downloaded and installed, right click on your big email folder, and remove duplicate emails. Once done, we’re ready to upload.

Download Google’s Email Uploader program found here and close down Thunderbird.

Enter your throwaway email address (the one set up for google apps), and you password.

On the next screen, select your Thunderbird email mail box, and there should be a count of all your cleaned up emails, select this and hit go. I think mine took about 6/7 hours to upload, so I suggest you do this overnight, or at a time when you’re not planning on using the internet for a while.

What will happen next is this.

The Google Email Uploader will upload all you archived email into your google apps email, your usual GMail account will check for new emails every hour and download these, and apply the label “Old Archive”, job done, all your email is now on googles servers 🙂

Just a note, I’m not sure how long this process will take, I set the emails uploading on Friday evening when I went to bed, and I’m still getting email added to the “Old Archive” label, from my understanding, the “get from external email address” has a limit of 200 emails every poll, (meaning 200 emails an hour), however if you did click the Click the “Archive incoming messages” this won’t be a problem, just let them come 🙂

1 more note to add, I have noticed that my “Old Archive” label has a vast amount of Unread email, (which would be try, as to my main Gmail account, these will be new emails), if this doesn’t bother you, then feel free to ignore, however if your like me and a little anal when it comes to email folders, I did the following.

Went into settings, changed to maximum page size to 100 conversations, then clicked on the “Old Archive” label, clicked, “Unread”, More Actions >> “Mark As Read”, granted there is probably a lot quicker way of doing this, but I thought, I could do this about a 100 times, in the time it took to google an answer.

I did however find a cool way of finding unread email in the future, as you are unable to create a label for “Unread”, I assumed that google uses this as a function, so in the top search box, if you type label:unread this will display only the unread email, I wish I’d have known this weeks ago, as somebody sent me an email, with the wrong date on, which meant I had to click through pages of emails until I found it.

Well I hope this is on use to somebody, and if I haven’t explained any of the parts enough, drop me a comment or email and I’ll try to help you out.



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