Philips Fidelio DS3020/05

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Aug 6, 2011 in Apple, Application, iPhone, IPod Touch, Tech

I’ve been looking for some kind of portable iPhone dock for a while now. I currently have the ability to charge my phone in most rooms either by docking it in an alarm clock, or in the front of a TV, or just by putting it in the dock connected to my mac. The only problem with the ones I have is, a, they aren’t portable, and b, the sound quality isn’t that great.

So….I was in Currys last night at this one caught my eye, as it had a sticker on the box saying “iPhone 4 Bumper compatible”. All the docks in my house currently don’t have any of the dock adapters in them, as this is the only way I can sync/charge my phone without having to take it out of the bumper cover. As you can imagine, seeing a device which catered for this was a massive win !.

Another major selling point for this, was it can be also powered from 4 AA batteries, making it something I’ll be able to take camping, or even just to take out in the garden.

So..what’s it like ?….well it’s surprisingly good, it does claim to have “Crystal clear sound” and that it does, even with the volume cranked right up, it doesn’t distort at all. The design itself is nice, the plus and minus buttons light up on the front in a pretty cool orange, when you doc your device, and there’s a on/off button at the top on the back.

As well as being an iPhone dock, it’s also got an AUX-in at the back to allow you to plug in external devices via a 3.5mm jack plug.

There is also the ability to have this as a dock connector for your PC/Mac as there is a USB cable connector in the back.

I think the final thing to note is the free App you get with it called Fidelio. Now you can use your normal media player on your iPod/iPhone, or you can use their application which gives you a few cools features. It seems to aggregate a few apps I already have, for example Tune-in Radio (a radio app) and AccuWeather (a weather app) and brings them all together into a nice little packaged.

All in all a decent piece of kit, I don’t currently know how long 4 AA’s will last, but will update the post once I’ve tried it.

As always, unboxing pics, and screenshots of the app below.



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New Speaker setup

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Mar 24, 2010 in Tech

If your read my New and Improved Computer Room post, you may notice on the 2nd video that a Technics SCDV290 seems to have appeared from nowhere ?

This was our orignal Hi-Fi that we used to have downstair, it was an extremely powerful system however it had 1 major drawback….no optical inputs !

When I bought my PS3 a couple of years ago, I was kinda gutted that I could only hear it in Pro-Logic, and it felt a bit of a waste, so upgraded to the Onkyo TX-SR606 so I could get TrueHD. After forking out for the amp, I couldn’t really afford any speakers at the time, so used the speakers from the Technics

As part of the Computer room tidy up, we decided it was time to finally get the new speakers for the front room. I had a pair of Eltax Liberty 5+ speakers which I used to use when I was a bedroom DJ, and now have these in my bedroom connected to my amp. I’ve been so impressed with the sound quality of these, I decided to go with Eltax for the majority of my new speaker setup.

I went with the following

1 pair of Eltax CONCEPT 400

2 pairs of Eltax CONCEPT Mini’s

and finally the Gale ARIA AR50 Centre speaker due to Richer Sounds not having any stock of the Eltax SYMPHONY C4 Centre speakers and I was a little impatient.

Finally I bought 60 Metres of Oxygen Free cable to wire it all up (Believe it or not, 60 metres was only just enough !)

So yesterday they arrived, and I spent the night placing the speakers and wiring everything up….it seemed to take ages but so worth it !

Below are the before and after pics, as you can see they are a tad bigger than the Technics ones.

Left Front


Front Right

Rear Speakers Right

Left Rear Speakers

I decided to do away with the sub, as the bass I get from the Eltax Liberty 5+ speakers is more than sufficient, and I really don’t want to annoy my neighbours any more than I have too, so assumed that this would also be fine with the Eltax CONCEPT 400 speakers in place too.

I really wish I could post a sound clip, showing you the difference between the sounds, but it wouldn’t really work, as the sound would only be as good as your speakers 🙂

I can however say, that the sound quality has a lot more range to it, before the centre and rear speakers were only a single speaker, as they all now have independent tweeters, the sound is now very crisp.

The front Eltax CONCEPT 400 speakers are 400 watt speakers, have a tweeter, a midrange and 2 lower end cones, making the range sound fantastic !

Thanks to the Audyssey 2EQ Dynamic EQ the speaker setup was a breeze, just plugged the microphone into the front of the Onkyo TX-SR606, ran through the setup, and 5 minutes later, the speakers were setup perfect !

Now granted this kit is very much middle to bottom of the range of the whole home cinema setup spectrum, but it works perfect for me !

This will hopefully be my last major purchase of the year, as the savings are becoming quite depleted 🙂

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M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Apr 18, 2009 in Tech

Over the post 6 months or so, I’ve become heavly involved with recording audio for a number of projects we work on, over at Fictionshed. If you listen back to the earlier podcasts (Fictioncasts), you’ll here me say, that you don’t need any specialised equiptment to record your voice, and a standard PC, with cheap mic will do…..the rest of this post will be me eating my words.

Due to getting a not the quality I wanted from the cheap headphone/mic combination, Tony kindly lent me a mixer and a couple of mics. This did improve the quality, however gave me some hard background noise.

In January, and with the ScutterCast in mind, I decided to splash out and get myself a MacBook Pro, as this was the only way I could find to do an enhanced podcast. The sound quality with the MacBook was a massive improvement, however the internal mic gave me a “roomy” type sound to my voice, which has been ok, however I needed something a little more direct.

After weeks of looking at the Samson C01U, the SL300 USB Studio Microphone and even the Samson G-Track, however Tony suggested I get the same as him, which was the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, as I already had the mic

Well Friday it finally turned up, and due to spending my Friday evening editing together the latest ScutterCast, I’ve only had chance to get to play with it today.

All I can say, is this thing is MINT ! It’s exactly the sound I’ve been wanting, it’s crisp, it’s clean, and NO background noise !

I now feel I’m set up to record the machinima project, this will also mean a lot less editing on the ScutterCasts, as I usually spend an age increasing the volume on my voice.

My setup is now as follows

MacBook Pro
M-Audio Fast Track Pro
AKG D650S Microphone
Stand & Pop Shield

I’ve included a small audio clip so you can hear the quality


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