Finally bought an iPad

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Nov 30, 2010 in Apple, iPad, Tech

As with most things Apple, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an iPad since I knew of their existence, however was always put off by the lack of multi tasking, however the recent release of iOS 4.2.1 has fixed that problem.

In the recent tech news, there are already a lot of rumours flying around about the iPad 2, suggesting it will have a USB port, a front facing camera, a rear 8 Megapixel camera, carbon fibre back, etc etc. With all these reports, and the release of the new OS, the iPad is back onto my radar.

Tonight (thanks to Tony Lunn), I bought one !….now don’t start saying, “Ooo, did Tony buy you one, what a nice guy ?”, it was due to him I couldn’t resist and bought one.

So here’s how it happened, Text from Tony around 6ish “I’ve been offered a iPad for x amount, what do you recon ?”, I then spent the next 30 mins googling to see what prices they were going for……somehow ended up with one in my basket, then checked the opening times and the nearest store with stock (turned out to be the Leicester store of Comet), jump in the car, drove to Leicester, got lost, spend 20 minutes running through Leicester trying to find the place…..and finally walked out of Comet, 5 minutes before it was closing with a shiny iPad and case.

So, how is it ?…..it’s bloody lovely !

As you know, I’ve got an iPhone 4, had the iPhone 3GS before that, before that had the iPod Touch 2nd Gen….this is the next step up the evolutionary chain.

It does, (as you would expect) everything any other iOS Device does, but just on a bigger screen. To be honest, seeing the difference between the iPhone 3GS screen and the iPhone 4, I was a little worried how this screen would look in comparison to the retina display, but have to say I’m very impressed !, It’s sharp, bright, and everything you would expect from an Apple product.

The model I went for was the 16GB Wi-Fi model, as I plan on buying the next gen when it comes out. Not wanting to scratch it, I also bought the official iPad case thingy with it, which as you can imagine, fits like a glove 🙂

When I’ve had a good play with it, I’ll update the post, but for now, it’s play time 🙂

As always, unboxing photos below.

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My Midlife Crisis

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Jul 11, 2010 in Brain Dump

With the average life expectancy for men in the UK being approximately 70….at 35, it’s time to have my midlife crisis.

Some men, by a flash car, or start dating somebody half their age…..not me….I bought a Stormtrooper outfit. 🙂

Just a little bit of history. Myself and Antony (my co-host on the ScutterCast podcast) have talked for a while about how cool it would be to have a stormtrooper outfit….well today, that became reality.

The suites themselves are supplied by the company that supplies Jedi Robe, however due to collecting and buying 2 at once, we got a fantastic discount.

With the company not keeping boots in stock (due to the fact they would have to keep in multiple sizes), we bought them from an American company and had them shipped over. The company is called TK Boots, and again we got a huge discount for getting 2 pairs at once. The shoes are sold as “Disco shoes” and TK Boots are very careful not to mention anything Star Wars related…(I’m assuming this is to do with copyright reason) however if you read between the lines….you know what your buying 🙂

It’s been almost 30 years since the classic white ankle high boot has been seen on the dance floors of this planet. White boot mania has returned!

We did look at buying some official boots from CABoots, however they were out of stock, and didn’t look to get any until the end of the year. We then looked on eBay for some, but only found the “Elvis Style boot”, which were fine, but would be rejected if we decided to sign up for a garrison.

Below are the unboxing photo’s…..Why isn’t there one with me in the suite I hear you ask ?!?….Simple, it’s too bloody warm. I got as far as putting on the body sock and got far too warm, I’ll got back to it once it’s cooled down later tonight.













edit 18/07/2010

I wasn’t happy having it stuck together with just velcro, it just seemed a little too loose, so decided to go with the glue gun and rivet gun approach. It took me around 7 hours yesterday to remove all the velcro, trim the suit to size, but I’m now really happy with the fit.






I did however make a right mess !




And below is the finished product 🙂




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Ozaki iPill Microphone

Posted by Ub3rG33k on Sep 23, 2009 in IPod Touch

As some of you may know, in just over 2 weeks I’ll be heading to the Holiday Inn in Birmingham for Dimension JumpiPill-iPod-Nano-493x369 XV, this year Red Dwarf Convention, and as we do a Red Dwarf podcast (ScutterCast), I thought it might me a good idea to record some footage while I was there.

I’ve been looking at a number of solutions and came up with the idea of using Audioboo from my iPod touch, then picking up the Audioboo feed using WP-o-Matic, which will then post the audio on the Red Dwarf Forum homepage, which will then tweet this out.

One major downside to using the method, was that the iPod Touch doesn’t have a built in microphone, although I do have the “earbud with built in microphone”, which would be find for recording my own voice, but probably a little intrusive if I wanted to record anyone else.

After a couple of days of looking at different mic solutions, I read a review over at iLounge and they did a mic comparison, the audio from the iPill sounded awesome, so decided to go with that. After an evening of trying to buy one, it seemed that these are only available in the states, and they seemed to be out of stock, having heard the quality difference, I was adamant that this was the mic I wanted, in a bid of desperation, I decided eBay it was. Luckily, I found a company in the Republic of Ireland that had these in stock, and instantly bought.

This morning the mic turned up, and I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed. The first thing I noticed was the packaging, and the look of this thing. The plastic container is in the shape of a petri dish, with a small clip holding the pill shaped microphone in place.


The iPill itself pulls in half, to review the 3.5mm jack plug, that plugs into the bottom of the iPods headphone jack, and the other half has a small loop where you could potentially add some string so you don’t lose this thing.


So, the audio quality…what’s it like ?…pretty awesome ! I plugged it into the bottom of my iPod Touch, and it was instantly recognised, and I gave it a quick test in Apples “Voice Memos” software, and attached my recording below


So, the audio quality…what’s it like ?…pretty awesome ! I plugged it into the bottom of my iPod Touch, and it was instantly recognised, and I gave it a quick test in Apples “Voice Memos” software, and attached my recording below.

iPill Test

Final thoughts ?, granted this isn’t the same quality as my M-Audio mixer, and my condenser mic at home, but think it will do an awesome job, of getting some footage at Dimension Jump.

I can highly recommend this microphone to anybody who want to turn their iPod Touch into a decent dictating machine, and for £13 delivered, it’s worth every penny !

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