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Ok, first of all, I’m weak, I know I am. I currently have the iPhone 6S, and after watching the Apple conference earlier this month, I didn’t see enough in the new phone to even peak my interest, never mind make me want to upgrade. Combine that with the fact that I moved to the ‘S’ cycle last year, with the intention of getting a new ‘S’ model every 2 years, the odds on me upgrading this year were slim to none. Apple then announced they were bringing the Apple Upgrade Program to the UK, and you’ve guessed it, just in time for the iPhone 7 launch, and all of a sudden, I got the Apple twitch.

If you’re not familiar with the upgrade program, put simply, you pay a monthly interest free payment to apple to essentially rent the phone from them, and after your eleventh payment, you can hand it back and take the next model, and start the cycle again. The monthly payment includes the phone itself, and apple care, spreading¬†the payments over 20 months. If you decided not to upgrade, you can simply pay the full term, and own the phone. This for me ticked many boxes. As somebody who wraps their iPhone in cotton wool every year, to ensure it’s mark free, so I’m able to get a good price when I put it on eBay after each upgrade, now becomes a thing of the past. According to the guy I spoke to this morning, the phone simply has to be in ‘good working order’ when you hand it in. So assuming you don’t play football with it, you should be able to exchange the phone ever year without issue. Add the fact that iPhones really do retain their value, I’m looking at getting somewhere in the region of ¬£500 for my old phone, making this an offer I couldn’t really refuse.

Ok, so the phone itself. Upgrading from a 6S, I’ve not really noticed that much difference. Yes, it’s a little quicker (due to the improved A10 processor), the camera takes better photos (due to all the new camera tech), it’s now got stereo speakers like the iPad Pro, the home button has haptic feedback, and it’s now waterproof…yay? I guess the main change that has annoyed ‘the internet’ is that fact that it’s lost the headphone jack. For me, as an audiophile, I welcome this decision. Yes, I’m going to have to go out and buy some decent digital headphones for my phone, but as somebody who owns more pairs of headphones/earphones than I care to admit, I’m looking forward to doing the research and finding a pair that match my hearing¬†preference. For people not willing to move on, Apple do provide a DAC adapter so you can continue to use your analogue headphones. As for the form factor, the phone looks exactly like my 6S, and it’s only when I attempted to use my old case, I found that the camera had moved a little.

I guess if I do have one slight niggle, even though I backed and restored my phone via my Mac, I then had to wipe and restore my Apple Watch to re-sync it. Although not a biggy (and I didn’t lose any data), it still took a good hour to restore the Watch. Surely this could have just moved the host to the new phone as part of the backup/restore process?

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the upgrade program, I’d have stuck with the 6S, as there’s not change to warrant an upgrade, however, I’ve now started on a yearly upgrade cycle, and this makes me happy!

Apple iPhone 7

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